Holy Trinity Old Hill

Logo Design 

Holy Trinity Old Hill is a church in Halesowen, in the heart of the Black Country. 


Having been recommended as a designer to Nick Gowers, the vicar, I was supplied with a sketch proposal for a new logo. The logo was made up of four icons, each depicting a different aspect of church life; faith, love, freedom from slavery and community.

The challenge was to create a logo that included all of these details, whilst also being clean, clear and contemporary. It was vital that the logo was legible at any scale from on the side of a pen to the the size of a banner on the church tower. 


Although the church is situated in a Victorian building, the vibrant congregation is made up of all ages and ethnicities. In order to avoid any local sports team rivalry, it was decided that a black and white palette was the best solution, along with the timeless typeface 'Gill Sans'.